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Today went out of Wilson about a mile east. Was a little windy. Started about 6:30. Fishing was much better than the past few days which were pretty bad.

Marked a ton of bait in close 70-100 fow. Went out to 300 fow looking for kings and no good. Went back in and the fish were still getting marked. Went 3 for 5. Two 6 lb kings and one tiny one. My dad missed a 10 lb steelie when it spit the hook.

One of my misses was when I reeled up the line to switch lures, I was looking at the action and thinking "wow, that really looks like an alewife". Don't you know a king came up to my lure and grabbed it? Had I not jerked back the pole in shock it probably would've been landed.

Lures used varied, spin doctors and spoons used, only spoons got hit. Black alewife, green glower, a home-refurbished watermelon. We fished anywhere 40 feet down to off the bottom.

Sure beats either catching a pen-reared salmon or getting skunked...but we're really just ham-and-eggers. :)

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Good report from the east side of port. Gotta be a shocker when a salmon comes into your face next to the boat after a lure. Had that before with northern pike. Tends ta make ya jerk the bait right outta their mouth! LOL!

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