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Sandy 6-15 Browns, cohos, and a Derby LT?

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When I asked my clients this morning if they registered for the derby, I was told "we think the odds are against us"( hold that thought)......

We left the dock at 5:30 to work on the browns for a little while. Compared to yesterday, the water was much better. We set up just west of the creek working to the pump house. Good color and temperatures. DW green dolphin UV and Stinger killer dolphin were the top producers. Around 8:30 they wanted to go out a little deeper and fish for silvers.  We pulled and ran to 150 and set up trolling north.  2 riggers, 2 divers,and 3 surface rods.  Within a few minutes we pulled a decent coho of the 50 ft rigger cheated 12 ft.(DW mixed veggies UV)  Continuing north we got another coho on the 70 ft rigger(Stinger blue dolphin mag). We hit 300 and turned back south.picking up a couple of lakers along the way.  As we were getting close to pulling rods, the deep diver (320ft on a 1 1/2) fires. A few good heavy head shakes and we knew it was a decent laker.  It pulled hard and steady and took us out to 600 ft. After a long battle the slob laker surfaced and was headed toward the net.  We could see it was a good fish and we were silent in hopes in would end up in the net.  When the laker hit 26lbs on the scale the finger pointing started. All of them blaming eachother for not wanting to register!!  The fish ended up on ice and on the way to the taxidermist.  Even though they would be in 1st place in the LT division, it was a great morning in the water. I know you guys will read this, so great job today and next time REGISTER FOR THE DERBY!!!!   



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