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p ville area friday and saturday nice browns! 6-14, 6-15

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  went out  friday  to  scout  around and  see what the waters  were looking like.  set  up first looking  for browns in about 10-20 fow  pulling   B fullers  off the riggers and  boards and a couple sticks.    We  got  into a couple  but  the water the still a  bit muddy and filled with debris   but the   b fuller goby  was still  poping  a few as  it has been one of my best producers this year  in the fingerling size and  the smaller  lighter razer ones!    after  the debris  kept  getting caught  up on lures  decided it should be set  up good  for saturday and pulled out,




 we then went  deeper  looking for kings and  lakers.    we  found  some nice  marks  and bait  in the 90-130 range  and  had a mix of spinnys with ito flys   and protroll running  ito flys and 3 mag b fullers  2 of divers and one a rigger.    we  didn't have long  so  i made it out to 200 and  it has been the barren land it has been.   made it back into  130 or so and  the rigger fired with the evil twin b fuller and it  was on screamin for about 2 min and off!    then a diver fired with a  white pro troll and ito mirage  fly and again  screaming and  gone!     and we saw  a descent  bottom  picture from 120 - 140 so I knew  we  could  try for some  lakers  saturday too.



So  Saturday we  went  out  set  up in brown water 10-20fow  and  it looked  perfect  good color  good  temp  no debris so i  had  a feeling it was going to be good.    set  the  same  spread  out  with a couple  bright  orange sticks  and b fullers  in  goby and yellow  nbk.  

     i had  one  rigger  out and  putting the next  one  down  and  asked didn't  u set  that rigger  and look and had first  brown in 5 min!      hit the  goby b fuller!     and  finally  we got  everything  out  we ended  up hitting the  browns pretty good, biggest  landed  being 12-05  and 2 of the ones we lost  were  biggg!! they hit off the  spoons on the riggers  put the boat  in neutral a couple times  and they were  feisty   kept  jumping  and  we lost  two that were  at least as big as the 12  if  not  bigger!   but  we only fished  them for  3  hrs and one girl was getting sea sick and wanted to go  in     ; (.  i knew we could  pull  a  money fish  out there but she wanted to go in.   







so we went in and  dropped her off and  the guys  went back out  they wanted to try for lakers  tried to get them  to fish browns  more  but they wanted to go out depper.    so we did  i had  4 flasher flys 2  spoons on  on a diver one on rigger with   evil twin b fullers and  ssw.    got  one  ho on the ssw   and ended up with 10ish lakers  in 3 more hrs   biggest we got  were on the 600 copper with the white pro troll  and mirage  fly biggest  was  16-05.   




the  guys wanted to see  their  names  on the board  so they weighed  in their laker and  brown!  They were happy fun days  to be on the water!  


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Nice ho Joe,

Thanks for taking us out last week after the robbery. Mike came all the way from Clifton to fish with me so you really saved the day for us.

Many thanks fer that and I learned a couple tricks from you as well so that was cool too. :yes:

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