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I second "Ringneck"! Great people who treat you like family. Their birds are top notch and FLY nice!!! They have access to a wide variety of terrain and cover. They also have a cabin for rent out on the property. I haven't stayed in the cabin, but a friend did withhis kids last fall and loved it. Have not heard about Pheasant Haven either.


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Thanks everyone... I definitely want to give Ringneck a try... Always looking for options and new experiences

I have a camp in Nunda and wanted to try to get the information for the place in Dansville, for a good option while I am down there...

Gambler, I actually took my dog to Pheasant Hollow for training this past summer... It was a great experience and would highly reccomend Lorraine.. My english springer, Cooper was just a year old in October... We hunted a 10 bird release his first time out and he put up 10 birds on a pretty windy day...

Have had him out 3 additional times and would like to get him out one more time this year... It is so great to watch him work and see how excited he gets... This is the first hunting dog I have owned.. :lol:

The only problem with Pheasant Hollow is that I live in hamlin, so it is a pretty good haul... There are a couple of guys that opened a place on County Line Road (F&B Gamebirds)... they are nice guys, have real nice birds and some good fields to hunt...

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Is that Danville area PA ????? I have info here somewhere for that pheasant reserve. I have heard good things about it but have never gone there. We used to raise pheasants ourselves so we would have good birds to hunt our dog with. Let me know if you meant in the state of Pa and i will look for the information for you.

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