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Iron Duke

Seneca Seneca 5-14-13 evening

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Got up to camp early Friday night so the girfriend and I decided to head out for some fishing and sun.....  We ran north out of Watkins about 3 miles and setup shop on a south troll....   We ran spoon dipsys, riggers, 5 color core and 200 copper...  Slow at the start and weeds and cotton woods were herendous but managed to get a few browns to the boat but the best thing was watching the girlfreind beat me to the riggers, I think she is getting the hang of this whole fishing thing..... Finger Lakes Tackle Co did all the damage and especially Chicken Feed, If you dont have this spoon its a must have.. (thank me later) :lol:    Happy Fathers day to all the Fathers out there but a BIG special Fathers Day to my Father for everything he has done to help me thru life this far and teach me all about the Finger Lakes and this trolling fishing addiction we both have ..  Thanks Dad !!!! :yes:  :yes:







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