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Like to introduce myself to my American neigbour and fellow Canadian salmon and trout fisherman.


My 'handle' is "Kinghunter" because I consider myself a hunter of one of the greatest sportfish in the World...............the KING salmon!


I've been fishing for salmon since 1977 during the early days of the Coho stocking program, followed by Chinook a few years later.  Been at it continuous since then.


I fish out of a modified 21 1/2 foot Sylvan Offshore.


Mostly out of the  North shore ports of Ashbridges, Port Credit, Humber Bay and occasionally Dalhousie.  I do fish New York state in the fall for steelhead.


Largest lake salmon to date is a 37 1/4 pounder I caught 4 years ago during the Sun Derby........................no ticket!  Cost me a boat/motor/trailer as it would have been the big fish of the week.  That was the first time in 25 years I didn't have 'time' to buy a ticket before I went fishing, sure enough as luck would have it.


Look forward to this year.


Regards to all.

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King hunter that's a big one 37 pounds, 2 years ago on the north shore near Port Hope ,we  wanted to fish the day after the after the Toronto sun derby closed. The big fish for that week was 34 lbs 4oz.Uncle Bruce caught a 35.0 pounder ,The scales tell the story. It was a $ 30,000 Toyota  prize fish 18.00 hours after the derby closed. What a Fish. 

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