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King Slammin 6-18 olcott evening

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Set up in 100 FOW around 6:00 after work with my wife, Nikki and our friends Brud and Tracy. We ran 2 riggers (45 and 90) 2 wires (200 and 250) and 2 coppers (300 and 500). Didn't take long for our first fish. Tracy fraught a teenage king for 40 min on the 500 copper. While fighting that, the 90' rigger fires and I hand the rod to Nikki. She hauls in a 10 lb laker. Set the 500 copper back up and 30 min later it's screaming. I hand it off to Nikki. An hr later we get this 21.5# king in the net.


She was kind of tired after that battle so the first pic had to do. Nikki got another teenager to make us 4 for 4 for the evening.


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Great job King Slammin on the kings, finally a good report on the KINGS!! Nice pics. also maybe things are starting to settle in, I just saw the weather report, maybe high 80s near the end of the week with possible 90s over the weekend. Lets hope this weather settles things in place it's about time.

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