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Golden Hill 6/18 PM nice fishing evening!

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Went out yesterday evening with a couple friends who got off work and wanted to relax with some salmon fishing on the big O....RELAX!...NOT!.haha..Well,at first it was a little relaxing, hunting for productive water out to 275 fow and not much to look at. I told Robert, take the helm and aim for the Somerset plant while I select a trolling spread of 6 rods to start off. It's about 5:30 pm when the rods are running straight off the plant and we move into 175 fow to turn west and follow the sunset. Angling a little north we come into 190 fow and the screen is showing some bait mostly in the top 30 feet. One rigger running there spooned with Moonshine RV Hotlips for steelhead, center rigger deeper at 55 green dot pro troll and Hawg Wild fly. Other rigger running a Moonshine RV Crabface at 40. Two wire divers set 2.5 one 125 out, other one 175 out... pro troll, NBK fly, other spin doc and Adrenaline fly. 300 copper in the chute, twinkie and meat behind BIG seasick waddler spin doc. Speed 2.6 - 2.7 GPS, surface temps in the 63 range, down temp 54 at 55 feet, 47 at 90 feet. Flat water, little rollers...perfect nite for trolling.

As the sun got lower on the horizon and we keep going west past the plant and zigging between 175 and 190 fow we start marking fish in the 50 60 zone and drop a couple riggers to there. first fish to come aboard is a nice coho off the 300 copper meat rig that actually battled hard enough to make me think king. Another coho came on the wire out 175 on s/d and adrenalin fly. Put it back out and it came back with a king 8 lbs. The meat was running once again and it takes a little king about 15 inches!...brave one taking a twinkie teaser /meat on that big spin doc! Another little guy grabs the 175 wire again and slid him back in the water. The next victim was a beautiful Steelhead, off the 30 rigger and hotlips spoon. It rockets out of the water right behind the boat with about 4 foot flight! Awesome battle and the wire diver gets in the mix, but was able to dance around the boat with it enough to clear it. Paul reels it in and the net scoops a very respectable low teens steelhead.

The sun is now sitting right on the water, half of it showing, and really looking nice, I'm about to take a snap of it when all of a sudden...center rigger goes off with the Hawg Wild fly, that had finally found a resting place at 60 down. Rob is on the rod and we watch as line counter screams off, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500...still going! Rob says "You ever have one do this before?"...I think immediately, of the original "Jaws" movie when Hooper said that to Capt Quint. I got that puzzled look, and said like Quint in a long drawn out reply, faintly in a growl whisper, "Noooooo", pull every thing up, we're comin about!" ...LOL! Rob, how many feet out?..0ver 700 still going!..This king was really pissed at being fooled by that Hawg fly!...still going 800!..how much line is on here he says in a worried look. It's braid, lots of line yet, let me know when you get to 1500 HAhahaaa! He says 900!...finally the drag stops that incessant zzzzzzzzzz! at 908 feet! Well.. we were about to bring everything in anyway, and run back to the launch and get done somewhat early enough before bedtime! So as the long battle goes on, I have everything out of the water, divers and f/f rigs neatly packed, 300 copper in and the old meat tossed and the twinkie meat head put away, all the riggers are up, booms retracted, the rods are stored, tackle stored, trash taken care of. The only thing left to do is net this fish, and it's still 140 feet away. I'm thinking, maybe we should have entered the derby,,, half of me wants to see a big king like never before, the other half is thinking I hope it's not like a big derby kind of fish..hmmm?

It's really dark now, I have the spreader lights on, I see the screen below the boat is alive with huge arcs of mature fish, like 9 or 10 on the screen at one time 40 to 90 range over 175, WOW! They are moving in to this area quick and we are only moving at 1.6 mph waiting for this king to come in.The net comes under a great king, mid high 20's, and now we can run back to the ramp at Golden Hill. Man that launch is dark! Good thing for gps to find that little narrow pass in the dark! 10:30 pm., and we are loading the boat on the trailer. All said and done we had 7 for 8 to the boat and some very nice fish from just west of the Somerset plant. Looks like the kings are on the move east, the lake is setting up fast, and this weekend looks like it might be better for kings down east! Hope the wind stays westerly!



Paul & Coho


Paul & steelhead


Same steelhead, different light


Rob & king


Same king, used the flash this time



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man thats a lot of work for a truckdriver,just sittin on yer butt all day..to actually reelin in a fishy... 


Just keep the mags.commin ..You deserve a great day like that ...Hey write down what ya did right so we can catch more than 1 fish in a derby...


Nice report Mark.

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Ray, I can't do nothin else. I gotta fish for a living right now. The truck went deer hunting, and I ain't seen it since. 3 weeks and 2 days now. Anyways, I like fishin..come on up, I got time, you can take down the notes so we can win somethin!

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