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toronto island june 18

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went out with my mom and bro yesterday and left the docks at lakefront promenade park. we motord in front of the island but offshore in 250FOW. set out both riggers and 2 dipsy divers. we marked no fish, no bait or anything but ended up with a nice 8 or 9 pound rainbow trout in which was a very hyper fish, fought really well for a rainbow! i got this one on a NK watermelon spoon. watermelon always works great for us everytime were fishing and we want a trout we throw the old faithful watermelon spoon and every single time we land a rainbow.


after that we went to 90FOW in search of some lakers as i have never caught any. i sent both riggers down, 1 to the bottom with an orange spoon and 1 to 60 feet deep with the watermelon. marked lots of bait fish schools. trolled for about 20mins without a rod moving and decided to pack up and go home. i reeled one of the riggers back up and behold!!! i had a small maybe 2 pound atlantic salmon on the line i was dragging around for i dont know how long. poor thing i felt bad for it but i was able to do a real nice lively release with it. that was my first atlantic ever as well.



overall the fishing was slow but was still a beautiful day but the lake had some pretty good rollers in the A.M but started diminishing in the evening. we cruised the island for a while and docked up to it to grab some food and drinks..... was just nice to have a day with my mom and brother as it has been years since the 3 of us had a day out together

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We went off the Island at 6:30 p.m. fished till 9:30.  Caught 3 shaker Chinooks and missed one big fish which hit a white/white SD with white jons fly on wire dispsy set 250 feet back on #2 setting.  The fish snapped my leader between dipsy and flasher!  I'm switching to 30 flouro from now on rather that my usual 25 lb.


Marked some good numbers of hooks from about 40 feet down to bottom at 150.  Bait seemed to be between 30 and 80 feet.  Surface temp 61 deg.  at 70 feet was 50.8 deg.  1 mile per hour current between top to ball at 70' out of the East.


This was my first 'shaking out' trip after getting my 'old' boat painted, plus the first time I used my new Fish Hawk...........awesome!


Prepping for the Port Credit Pen Derby on Saturday.


"Long live the King!"

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sucks to hear man... thats why in my setup i will use 30lb mainline and 25lb fluro leader between either the dipsy and spoon or between a SD and fly. i will see the drag a little looser but if the line by chance snapped it will only get my spoon or fly and not everything else!

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