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Meat Rigs

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I just purchased a bunch of meat rigs from Big Weenie and plan on running them for the first time out of Oswego this summer. My plan was to run them after the morning F/F and spoon bite slows. I guess my question to those of you who run them is when do you start having luck with them? Now, July, or when they are staging in Aug/Sep? Thanks guys!

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We have it on board, and will run it after the early morning bite slows.

Our largest fish have been caught on twinkie rigs/11" plate.

Exactly...large protroll or spin doc. 11 inch and the twinkie teaser. Best late afternoon bite I can get right now golden hill and west.. Mine has been on copper. Tune the bait head for a two roll per second action. Make it roll.. not spin like a drill 2.4 to 2.7 mph. You will catch your largest salmon on it most of the time.


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