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Launched at 530 fishing by 6. Started in 100 fow and pointed NE. At 8 we picked up a 14 lb king over 375 fow. 87 down. Decided we would leave at 10. The king was caught on a mag spoon. Forget the name but it kinda looks like a perch. Didn't have any other action all morning. Luckily it was a nice day just to be on the water.

Good luck!!

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I ran out in the evening, about 4:30 start. Setup out front at 150 FOW and setup blind from 110 down to 50, a couple of spinners and the rest spoons. Ran NW out to 325 FOW, then back SE to 120. It was 45 to 47 F at 90 down the whole trip. Marked good bait at 250 FOW up high between 30 and 50 but saw no sharks or action. Pulled out at 7:00. Was generally a nice evening minus the black flies that tried to eat our souls.

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