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Henderson Browns 6/22

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Fished from about 6:30am to 10:20 am..  Started a west troll on the north side of Galloo island.  We fished 3 michigan stingers of each planer with just a splitshot to catch weeds, and used 2 riggers.  Went 12 for 14 on Browns!  All were taken in 10-25 fow, near the surface off the boards.  Riggers picked up 2 nice smallmouth bass but no browns...


The shallower planer that covered 8-15 fow took most of the fish with the brown trout imitation stinger the top producer.   2.5-2.7 knots seemed to be the ticket. Biggest brown was taken on board over 30 fow.  Was 1 trolling rod shy of our ideal 8 rod spread so we used a spinning rod with 8 lb test for the last rod...an hour in, we had a 10.5lb Brown trying to spool it!... landed it, but we learned our lesson.


Also took an 8 lber in the prop wash while we were attaching it to a rigger.  Nearly took the rod off the boat as it wasn't in a holder yet...


Surface temp was 61 degrees so I'm not sure how much longer they'll be active on the surface, but it was a blast!


Tight lines,





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