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a friend at camp just purchased this downrigger at a garage sale. it did not come with a base. we are trying to figure out what it is / who made it. it is all aluminum constructiona nd built like a tank. its is a 12v electric which works great.  It appears to have a "power window" motor on it which i know was typical of Proos. there are no markings at all anywhere on it. The bottom has a spring loaded pull pin that would lock it into the base. The whole is 1" in diameter. any clue????








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Invader they always look homemade you can tell by the line counter . Big Jon has not changed that much the early ones had aluminum spools not plastic my friend still runs a pair .

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Invader....  Hope you don't need parts.  Although you can get a phone # and an address for Invader, I tried for a month to reach someone, to no avail.  If you fall in love with this rigger, I have two electrics I will sell to you reasonably

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