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here is my new(to me) ride


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Thanks guys. I've been scrubbing and waxing for a week and a half now. Darn weather won't cooperate so I can get a fishing trip in. Thunderstorms for the next week ahead. I'm workin every day with no days off. I want to get out one afternoon , but by the time I get out of work it's storming . ...

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looks like trouble ill give ya $1000.00 and take it to fla.....seriously tho bummer on single axle ,dbl check bearings and new tires tread means little if the tire is 5 or 6 yrs old.....lift boat trailers do a lot of sitting sometimes in weeds (high moister ) so do yer homework before running down the road...and "Good on Ya" as my buddy from Kentucky would say..

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