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Sandy - 6/24 - chicken fest

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Fished with 33Canuck and Lund sss yesterday trying to find a slob laker.  Trolled for 4 hours and 45 minutes and put 57 lakers, 2 steelies and one king on the floor of the boat.  Tons of 8-12lb lakers with the biggest 2 in the mid 17lb range.  We put out  7 color and a 10 color off of boards and put the steelies and the king in the boat.  The lakers are everywhere depth and location wise.  The 2 17lbers were not weighed in because we are confident they will not stay on the board this derby. 

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That is awesome Brian. But you know what's gonna happen..... A 36lber....and time for another laker to mount! Ohhhhh.....and it still won't win the grand prize!

But worry about that later! Hahahaha


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