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Went to the pier around noon for bass and came up empty. Around 3 i gave up but the Water was calm so I decided to go and get the boat ready for what looked like a great ( non-wavy) day to be on the water. When I got back to the lake the the waves had built to 1-2 footers. Headed out to 100 fow and set up. While sending down the 3 rd rod. Had a release and got a 4 pound steelie. Got the spread set up and immediately got into some fish. Non-stop action all evening. Landed a skippy king and an 8 lb steelie. Had a nice fish get off the riggers few seconds into the fight. Oh well. Decided to call it a night at around 8, as soon as I stood up to bring in the rods. I noticed that we were passing over a bait pod. The meat rig on a dipsey takes off. 10 minute fight, landed a 19 lb king. Fished 100-200 fow of water and 40-100 down. All but the king came on the riggers.

The fishing is starting to get good. Good luck!!

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