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Live report sandy 6.26 steel.

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Started in close this morning for browns nothing going. Poked out had a good screen in 80 still nothing. Once we got to 160 it was on for steel. All up top 15-40'

In 240 now just landed another. post-150826-13722512372869_thumb.jpg

Our biggest so far- were 2-4 all steel

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Fleas are in. Not horrible but they're starting to show up.

On a side note my rigger clutch **** the bed and here is the result of me panicking.post-150826-13722562642436_thumb.jpg

Any idea how to fix this one? LOL

2 more steel aboard also. 5lbers

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I think it's threaded. It should be an easy one. Lol the price of catching fish.

Back into the wind (west) and have only done one more. We got to 259 before we turned around and I think the bite is about done

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