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Thanks to great up to the minute reports  yesterday from NickR, we set up in 150 heading north. 4 divers, 2 riggers, and a 300 copper. At approx 200 ft the 210 high diver fires. A nice 8 lb steelhead hit a Stinger 42nd spoon. Continuing north we set the diver out to 210 again and within a few minutes a mad rip!  The fish took us out to 675 almost instantly.  After a few good head shakes,it was gone! ;( . It left us with a broken hook!  We replaced the broken hook with a Gamakatsu and set it back out.  As we were letting the diver out again, another huge rip.  This one took us out over 600 as well and then..... GONE! :doh:   This time the hook was in tact and  full of salmon flesh!   For the rest of the eve we worked 300-360. We finally managed a 24 lb king 65 ft down over 320 with a green glow NK mag. We had 15 fish on with only 5 landing on the deck.( 4 kings, 1 steel).

  I don't know whether to be happy or sad.  30% hook up to net ratio is terrible, but at least we were on fish and we were very busy.  11 wire and  4 rigger bites. White green dot spinny, chrome green dot spinny,  Stinger Gator, and 4nd spoons were our top producers.  Our divers were set  180, 210, 280, 320  Riggers were between 45-85ft.  10-15 ft leads.





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Nice job Lou !  You always find the fish. Thanks for the report, hopefully the fish will make their way down to Sodus soon as its been pretty slow there. Hope you weren't preoccupied cooking sausages on your grill !

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