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Trolling Motor Repair


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I have a motorguide excel 82 lb that came with a boat I purchased. The guy I bought it from said it needed to be rewound however I doubt it since it is digital and won't turn when I use the pedal. All I get is a "click" when I connect power. To replace this with something comprable would be around $800, I want to have it fixed. Anyone know where I can get it looked at? Has anyone had similiar problems with there motorguide? It is model ex82sp.

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I have the same motor. One thing that I have found out is that I must keep the contacts of the plug and recep extremely clean. The brass must be kept shiny. I use this motor for a week steady on an annual trip that we make and I may have to clean the contacts a couple of times during the week. This is what happens; the motor will make several clicking noises and then will not do anything. A quick buffing of the contacts and I'm back in business. This past season I had to have the brushes cleaned.

H.I.H. Eric

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