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The Oak 29 JUN P.M. 30 JUN A.M. Report

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Team, Back in WNY for two weeks of leave and will be fishing whenever conditions permit. I will report often. 29 JUN evening 1800-2030. 1/2, boxed a major King. 20+#. Broke off another major - may have been the mother of all Steelhead. Boxed King on a wire diver out 220 in 170FOW. Green nuclear SD/Fly combo. Lost the one on a full core (10 colors), broke off a gold back orange/yellow front spoon. Not sure the name. This morning 0500-0800 went 2/3. Both Steelhead. One 7# 4oz, the other 4#, 8oz. Lost one unknown on a rigger down 45 in 150 FOW. Both Steelhead on full core with spoon over 160ish FOW. Wire Diver no joy this morning. Will be back out this evening after registering the whole family for the derby. Game on. Tight lines. Boat is a Black/Gold Lund named Hazardous Duty. Water temp in high 40s starting 40 feet down. 69-70 on the surface. Lots of stuff floating in the water (styrofoam, wood, etc) between 150-170 FOW. Be careful - a fairly big tree was floating NW of the river. 

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Thanks for the report, are the bait more scrattered than a few weeks ago? Also, how is the fishing around Olcott or Pt Breeze?  It appears things have improved from a few weeks ago, will be fishing the 3rd week of July hope the fishing stays hot.


Which are working best, spoons or spin doctors?







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Great job Wolfpack, and nice report as well!!  Garyf, the Oak is Point Breeze, and the salmon are still hitting spoons, but the flasher flies are really starting to take off for kings and steelhead.  Bait is all over the place along with the inconsistent weather.  You have to search for the right temps and the bait schools, but when you find the bait, the fish will be there.  By the time you arrive the flasher bite will be in full swing as the lake warms.

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