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Left Wilson in the AM. Set up in 80fow and headed North. Passed two bands of boats (one group in the 100fow area and the other at 200). Gambled and headed North trying to find a band of temp the satellite maps showed overnight. Worked out to 375' trying to find it. Didn't move a single rod. Trolled back in and found fish at 150fow (small king, wire Dipsy, 150', mtn dew/blue fly). Another at 120fow on the rigger, lost fish but felt like a Laker (85 down, blue/purp spoon). Last was a shaker King on the 85 rigger again.

By the time we found the fish we were tired from the bearing we too out deep and packed it up.

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Setup at 6 in 100 fow and pointed north. The waves caused us to turn around at 200 fow. Picked up a skippy king on the dipsy, Mountain Dew ff down 60. 10 minutes later had a nice rip on the same rod and forgot to loosen the drag so GONE. made another turn out to 200 without picking up anything. Decided to troll in and picked up a steelhead on the meat rig down 65.

Lots of boats out. Back out on the 4th. Good luck.

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