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braddocks 1/27


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Rob you are right about the zip code place was mobed

I did not get there till noon few nice perch good size to them,,

did you see the guy way out by the open water with his dogs

guy had balls no one would even venture half the distance he went

crazy dude nice day to be out there for sure one guy farthest out

had some real slob perch he did very well Rick

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it was an extremely light bite. lost a ton of fish from not being able to hook them. iced a few that werent hooked, they just didnt want to let go of the bait. majority of the fish were of good size, we had very few dinks. i figured there would be more pike caught with the amount of tip ups on the ice.

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Stopped by Braddocks on Sat, late AM, but the parking was crazy. Went over to Cranberry Pond and caught about a dozen in 2 1/2 hours. Only 4 keepers and all bites were on spikes and none on fatheads. Lite bite there, also. Ice was extremely slick, but solid 4 inches. How deep is Braddocks, with the lower water level?

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