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nice pair of smallies

Ronnie D

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Black/Clear and Purple/Clear deep thunderstick jrs caught them. I don't recall where I bought them. Favorite port = home port. There's only 3 serious sets of rocks nearby that I know of I picked one of them.  :P heh. Actually very common bassing spot. 


I am finally learning which days are bass days and which days are salmon/trout days. I was fishing for them specifically, they were not just trouting accidents. :) 



Thanks about the pose. I ended up using a timer on my phone cam to snap a shot when the battery charged enough to use the flash.   


      Click button, grab fish off cutting board, hope like hell I am where the camera was aimed. 

      Couldn't get my neighbor to come over and take pic for me so I had to make due. 

      I thought it turned out pretty nice also.

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Nice job Ronnie! I am glad to see that some bass can be found in Lake Ontario. I used to fish for smallies on the big lake as often as I could. I gave up fishing for them when they seemed to vanish from the rock piles a few years ago.

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