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I'm not a facebooker and I know you are on here a good bit. Wanted to let you know that we just got back from St. Clair and mine and my partners biggest fish of the trip were both on Bakers.

Mine was 46"

His was 52"


Funny story goes with his lure. Last year he saw me running one at Chaut and said he never catches anything on his 2 Bakers and he didn't want them anymore. I said I would be happy to take him off his hands. He said, no money, but he would trade his 2 for a perchbait that I happen to have a triple of.

Good deal for me!!! So we traded.

During the trip.............

Bite was kind of slow, he wasn't watching me rigging so I changed out a lure and stuck his Baker that he traded me for hoping it would get ate! Just to rub it in a little. Never dreamed that the next rod to go off would be that one and the biggest fish of the trip. Icing on the cake!!!!

I told him, no trade backs either!!!!!


We caught several other fish on my Baker that was a better color and catching better so he has a little more respect for them now......ha ha.....Mine is getting pretty chewed up but still running great.

Nice baits, well built. Thanks!

Worst part is........I'm going to need to get a few more to run so I have some other colors. Just what I need, more baits!

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I love Zach's baits. I bought a couple at the Happy Hooker last year and caught a couple of nice musky using them at Chautauqua. They're almost too pretty to use though. I love the way he signs and dates each one.

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thanks Toothy- there is a guide on Chautauqua that I wont name that sold all of his to a client that felt the same way about my baits. Each bait has its time and place, thanks for giving them a shot and congrats on the nice fish! Have any pics? Super cool of ya to give em a shot and thanks for posting. A 52" fish is no joke to me, thats a big one! Be happy to make ya a new one, baits have come a long way in the past couple years.

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if everyone doesnt know Toothyfishermen, he is a great fisherman from PA that makes the lure retrievers, his retrievers have saved me $100's of dollars in baits over the past 3 years that I have had it. Highly recommend them. 

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Toothyfisherman (Frank)- just spoke with Joe Ferraro, he told me there was also a 53.5" by Matt Fetzko on one of my baits also, so cool man, so cool!

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My partner and I got first place in the 3 Rivers tourney last year at Chaut. I don't remember the exact number but a good number of our fish came off of my Baker I have that color rocks up there. My chewed bait is fine, I don't need you to make me another. It has caught enough fish to have the chewed look! It wasn't because of the finish or anything like that, normal for the amount I've caught on it. My favorite tuff shad is missing 50% of it's color but still catches.


This wasn't the first time I've "given your bait a chance" I run it very often and have very good success but like you said a bait type or color has it's day or not.

Fishing St. Clair will show you that like no other lake, colors and lures come and go in hours. Bakers were slamming, then dead, then back again as were other lures. You catch enough fish out there to actually see that happen. Not enough fish are caught around here to pattern the fish like you can out there.


Anyone else that don't think they want their Bakers anymore, I have a box they will fit in!!! If not, I will buy one they will fit in.

Thanks for offering to replace the bait but from what I've learned in the past, there might be something special about that bait's action that fish love.

I have plastic tuff shads that are the same exact color and the fish like one more than the other?

Gotta be the baits SWAGGER is what I always say, something special about it's wiggle.

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