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RUFF RIDER Live Report Sodus 2013 Jul 4-7

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Oh what a glorious feeling... four days off from work filled with nothing but relaxation and Lake Ontario salmon fishing! As many of you have probably already heard from the great reports from others, the lake has flipped, or inverted to be more accurate. In lamens terms, the strong north east wind has cause the "strike zone" for kings, that 45 degree water range, to move from 70-90ft to 30-40ft. It will take a few days to set back up depending on the direction and strength of the wind.


To show the temperature gradient, take a look at the picture below... you'll see that the water is much colder than weeks past:




This type of lake pattern can be extremely challenging, especially at the beginning of July when the fishing is still somewhat slow to begin with. You really have only two options... fish the top 40ft of the water column or run out to deep stable water, far far out... we're talking to the border here. With the calm south winds they are calling for, I'm hoping the lake will set back up tomorrow and some of the kings will move back in and be very hungry after not eating as heavily.... that might just be wishful thinking though!


I have a new toy to try out this weekend, a short copper. 300ft to be exact. I had an amazon gift card to use and I thought I'd try out the Okuma 553 I had heard a lot about and it was in the right price range ~$100. However.... I didn't realize there was a difference between the "L" and "LS". I ended up getting the L, which is a 4:1 ration instead of the "LS", which is a 6:1 ratio. Oh well, looks like I'll be cranking a bit extra... live and learn!




I'm going to pair it with the Okuma Classic Pro GLT copper rod, an 8'6" 12-27lb rod with wider eyes.






For my backing, I picked up 300M of 50lb Sea Hunter Spectra. It's color coded every 8yds, similar to leadcore. I figured it might be handy since the reel doesn't have a line counter.




I also picked up some of the SPRO inline swivels to put between my backing, copper, and leader.




I'll be using the 45lb Bloodrun copper (sorry forgot to take a pic) along with 30lb flourocarbon leader, which didn't arrive in time for this trip, so I'll just use some 30lb Ande for now.


Good luck to everyone out there this weekend... Let's get em boys!



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Go get em Nick and Theresa. We'll be rooting for you. (with a cold one in my hand)....I figured that with the T storm warnings for next few days and my stainless steel bow rail I'll wait it out :)  Looked like warmer surface temps to the west of Sodus on the map earlier today and right out from the Point 40's and 50's so those lines may be coming up a bit from last time out Nick and if it is a south wind they may be out and all over the place.....hope you get a break from the flea action with the messed up water. and temps...Good luck!



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Man, I envy those out on the lake as I sit here in Pittsburgh reading the reports. I'll be back on Lake O, slipped in Wilson, for 4 days end of next week. Thx for the reports. -Matt 

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