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RUFF RIDER Live Report Sodus 2013 Jul 4-7

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Tonight's moral of the story:  Don't judge a book by it's cover.


A few friends have been wanting me to try this place called The Normandy Inn down the road from Sodus.  I told them they were nuts and that the place looked condemned.




They convinced me to give it a try.  We drove up and parked behind the building and the entrance, which is in the back of the building, looked a lot nicer than the front of the building.  They should flip the building around so the back faces the road, seriously!




The inside was a pleasant surprise.  It looked like an old rustic lodge turned into a bar, with a barn turned into a dining area.  Old, but inviting.  There wasn't the blasting music that you get at most restaraunts in Sodus, which was a huge plus.






Our waitress sat us and brought us some menus.  The menus also looked like they were made back in the turn of the century, all held together with tape and stuff.  I just gave our friends a look... the one that says "If I die of food poisining I'll haunt you forever".








We ordered an appetizer and our meals and in the meantime the waitress brought out fresh bread and an hor dourve type thing.




The fresh bread was warm and soft and pretty good.  We had to ask the waitress what the clam thing was as one of our friend's was allergic to shellfish.  The waitress said it actually had no clam meat in it, but was a mixture of whitefish, scallops, shrimp, and cheese (and I'm guessing flower).  It wasn't bad, not a lot of flavor to it.


Then our salads came out, pretty good.  Their parmesan peppercorn dressing was pretty tasty.  Our buffalo wings followed and were actually pretty good.


For our main courses, two of us ordered their Friday night special Prime Rib.  We got the petite size (smallest of the three offered), Theresa got chicken parmigana, and our other friend got spaghetti and meatballs.


All of the food was excellent!  The prime rib blew away the one I had at Dockers last night.  It was tender, cooked perfectly, and delicious.  The au jus was very tasty as well.  A great piece of steak for $11!




The other two dishes were huge and tasty as well.






We all stuffed ourselves and it was one of the better meals I've had in Sodus in a long time.  Consider my mind blown from all the times I drove by this place thinking it was either out of business or a "local's bar".  I think we may have a new favorite restaurant in Sodus!  I highly recommend giving it a chance the next time you go out to eat...



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