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RUFF RIDER Live Report Sodus 2013 Jul 4-7

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Steelie, went to toss it in the cooler and it flopped and took the cooler top off! Luckily it got stuck under the swim platform and wayne grabbed it... fish bounced away to freedom...


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Well looks like you have had a Steelie fest and a bunch of drops....ALL of which is better than my day! Except I put on deet and that seemed to take the flies away! :)

And nice reports on the dining. Glad to know more about the area, even if I have lived here all my life!

Tight lines

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Tonight we drove over to Fulton (phoenix,ny) to eat at RFH's Hide-A-Way restaurant. Unfortunately, the owner Mark is out of town so we couldn't say hi, but we'll enjoy the good food just the same!




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Thanks guys good luck out there if you get out!  I had to make a stop on the way home to pick up some prizes for the Salmon Slam and of course some goodies for myself :)


Still a few spots available if there are any teams that want to fish the Salmon Slam!





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