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7/3 out of I-Bay - Lakers, Lakers & More Lakers

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Went out of I-Bay yesterday AM with my son. His first trip on Lake O and my first time not flying solo.

Fished 80 to 140 feet. NE breeze. 5 lines out; rigger w/glo frog, wire on each side w/ SD & fly, 3 core port  & 5 core starboard.

No hits on cores, one hit on rigger. So many hits on wire that we lost count.

All hits were when trolling towards North and all hits, except one on rigger, where on Mtn. Dew SD and matching fly at 70 & 85 feet over 100-120 feet. Tried (3) other SD & fly combos but nothing.

Ended up with Mtn. Dew on both wires.

Lost 3 or 4 fish and boated about a dozen, lost count.

Would have liked to get my son into at least one King but didn't happen. Maybe next year when he comes for the 4th again.

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