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Monday 01 JUL - Blow Day, no fishing.


Tuesday 02 JUL - Fished for walleye out of the Buffalo Small Boat Harbor. Great fishing. Game On. Incredible.


Wed 03 JUL A.M. 2/3 both in 140-160 FOW west of river fishing solo. One King, One Steelhead. Slow. Nothing to brag about. King 16#. Fog thick. Fished till noon when the fog lifted a little and then scooted back in for lunch. Tried fishing the PM, trolled for about 90 minutes and then the wife and step father called saying a big T-storm heading our way. We ran back in and loaded before the lightning and hail started. Quasi-skunk.


Thursday 04 JUL A.M. 1/2 from 0600-1000. Was letting the wire dispeys out slow when one gets crushed at 0600 in 150 FOW. Was out about 180 when hammered. 18# King. At the same time the full core gets smoking and that one escapes in the chaos. Figured it was going to be a fast and furious morning and then nothing...for three hours. Except light rain, flies, and fleas. At 0900 ran out to 550 FOW mostly out of boredom. Trolled back in to 450 FOW. No joy. Heading back out now until the fireworks. Wish a had better reports that might help - but it is what it is. 


Friday fishing AM & PM at the Oak and hunting walleye back in the Queen City on Saturday. Will report tomorrow night. 


Good luck.

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