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Fishing was great off Sandy today. Went 13 for 14 with a good mix of fish. 1 coho, 1 laker, 2 browns,1 nice king (another 1 lost), and 8 steelies.


Most fish were found in 150-155FOW. The Coho, Sthd and BT were in top 30' on orange colored stingers.The  Laker and Kings hit the wire/dipseys out 275-300' on #3 settings. Ran 2 riggers w/ spoons, 2 wires, and 1 leadcore... leadcore did not move all day.


Surface temps were all over the place, ranging from 63-69.  Fished creek to park area. On the water about 6:30 - 11:00am. First hour did nothing, then 7:30 - 9:30 was hectic....could not keep 2 rods in the water :) , then just a few more till we called it quits.


A few fleas out there but not that bad (yet!). Lots of floating debri in about 15FOW in front of creek so watch it.


I attached a couple pics. My sons BT was a pig and his King was nice too.


Good fishing to all!









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