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Setting up Shamrock 20 Pilothouse for fishing


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Hello all. Looking for some advice setting up my new fishing boat, pic attached.


I've moved the riggers right to the back corners since i took the pic.


I'm looking to run dipseys as well, thinking of running them off the back of the pilothouse roof on a track with those cannon dual axis rod holders. Maybe putting a few rod holders on the track to store rods as well. I also want to run a copper line. And trying to figure where to store the rods when not in use, where to store the net, any other ideas/tips,etc...


Basically, I have a blank slate to work with and I would really appreciate some advice before I start bolting rod holders, etc onto the boat. I'm pretty new to salmon fishing, got my first big fish two years ago with the help of this board and have finally got my own boat! Thanks for the help guys!



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Just as a general comment regarding boat rigging. When you start to look at placement of rod holders, net holder, planer board masts, or other relatively permanently placed items take your time planning things out but also put yourself in the boat physically with the rods and equipment you'll be using and double check all clearances with the rods in the holders, planer boards in the out position., downriggers in each potential position  etc. It can save you a lot of headaches.

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Nice boat.


I wouldn't run the divers off the pilothouse roof, you want them as low as possible .  Ideally, you'd mount the diver rod holders on the gunwale, immediately fore (towards the bow) of the downriggers so the diver lines will clear your riggers.  A rocket launcher across the back of the hardtop and rod holders down the rear port and starboard posts of the hard top will give you plenty of options for running copper and lead core off of boards.


Good luck with it, rigging a boat is fun and usually a work in progress.  Many times you'll find that what you think is the best location to mount something, doesn't work at all in reality once you do it and you'll end up moving things, but eventually you'll get it rigged in a way that works for you.



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You know what they say about "like minds thinking alike" Tim....one of us is probably in trouble :lol:

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