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Got a text from a friend yesterday about goin fishin this morning. I have tried to get him out but things haven't worked out. He had a friend in from Colorado who wanted to try fishin in the big lake. I checked into the wind and weather forcast and told him I will take the day off from the coal mines and we will give it a try. When we got to the launch an old retired coworker just got there also. Knowing that the fishing was good the past few days we started setting up about 6:45 in 100 fow. I put out a couple dipsy and spinnies, a short leadcore and cheaters and sliders on the riggers. It didn't take long and the rigger fired with a 2 yr King. Chuck had fun bringing him to the boat for his first Lake O fish. We then got into a few steel which managed to avoid the boat. 1 for 4 was not the start I wanted. I changed things up a bit and then got into a nice flurry again. We got a 5 pound steel in and then while putting that rig back down, the .10 color fires and a nice steel is on. Chuck fought him for a little bit and then the fish was off, however he took one more jump just for fun and threw us the bird. Right then the rigger which I just put down 15 feet but did not put a cheater on yet went off. We got a chunky 7 pound Brown in. Things were goin well now and I was glad we got Chuck some fish. After a short lull the starboard dipsy rips and we are into a nice teenage king. It took Chuck a while but we got the king in which was around 17 pounds. Chuck was so psyched about getting that King. Biggest fish of his life. We decided to go play with the Lakers for a little while but they did not want to play 2day. We ended up with 7 fish out of 11 hits. We got most of our hits around the 200 -220 Depth. Surface temp was 73 degrees. Getting warm out there boys. Sorry no down temp. We had a fun morning and I was happy to get Chuck on some fish. Till next time. Brian

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Nice job out there today.


Did you check to make sure the guy from Colorado had a license? :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:


Glad you could put the guys on some fish, now maybe your neighbor will rig his boat for LO. Sounds like another "newbie" is hooked!


See ya in the a.m. (unless your headed back to Sandy, lol).







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I guess that kind of brings up a point where Brian says sorry no down temp"..I don't have that equipment either so really do not know how to approach locating the thermocline. I also do not have the best of fishfinders either, on older Eagle.

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