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inexpensive way to read water temps

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is there any devices out there that are inexpensive to purchase to measure temps down where your riggers are running? i know people run probes hooked up to the fish finder just wondering if there is something that works well that can be lowered with the rigger and brought back up to find the right temps.

appreciate any feedback


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I guess it depends on what you consider inexpensive.


I currently use a Fish Hawk TD that costs about $140. You lower it as deep as you want (up to 300') into the lake on a fishing line then reel it up to review the temp. It gives temperature at every 5' interval from the surface to the deepest depth that it went.


I used to use a Vexilar Deptherm. It costs about $9. http://www.fishusa.com/Product/Vexilar-Deptherm-Depth-and-Temperature-Guage

I never trusted its ability to measure depth, however if you lower it on a line counter reel or on a down rigger to a known depth, it will bring up a water sample with a temperature reading. The disadvantage of this is that it takes numerous readings at various depths to find the thermocline or a specific target temperature.

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crazy idea.......stacker rod on a romer release (or cheaper model)instead of a spoon out 30 ft or so hook a thermometer to the swivel out a foot or two. Release goes just above the ball. The trick would be to jerk and reel very fast so you get a close to accurate reading ?!?!? Just thinking out loud here!!!

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Yes I have one and they are versatile . You can hook them up to your wire lines/dipseys, downriggers etc. to see the actual depth they run at as well as the temps along the way at 5ft. intervals


Here is what it looks like:


Suggestion - Use another fastener in addition to the one on it for security of it...because it is rather flimsy. You'll notice my home made one attached to this one


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There was a company that made a version of the FishHawk TD before the TD ever came about. I can't remember who made it but have one somewhere. Sometimes they show up on eBay around $70.

My 2¢ would be to save the $125 or whatever the FishHawk TD costs and put it towards a used probe. I picked up a complete FishHawk 840 for my second boat from the forums here for well below $200.

The probe is (to me) the single biggest asset to fishing on my boat. I'd sooner be on the water without my fish-finder...lol

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