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Advice on favorite downrigger releases


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A couple years ago a fishing buddy suggested that I try Black's after I was having trouble with my pincher style releases letting loose with dodger/fly rigs at deeper depths. Couldn't find any Black's at the local Gander Mtn but they did have DuBro releases and I didn't want to wait to mail order Blacks so I bought them. They seem to work pretty good for 2 years now. Not ever using Black's I was wondering if there is much difference between the two.

Any of you guys have an opinion on Black's vs DuBro ? One any better than the other?

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Wll I am one who has gone to the dark side I guess :lol:

We started out with Black's but then after fishing with a friend (Spoonfed-1) several times and observing on Thrillseeker during the Pro-Am we switched from Blacks to Scotty's.

Reason is......you can see when you have a fish on the hook even before you have a release AND you won't drag a dink salmon around for a long time reducing your productivity during derbys etc.

I do have to say it caused us to change the way we load our rigger rods. We used to load them heavy with the blacks and now load lighter with the Scotty's and see the fish many times before the line is out of the release. Takes a lot of time to acquire this skill though.

Don't get me wrong the Blacks are great releases once you find the right tension and a a result almost never false release unless you are doin MACH I. :lol:


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