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Went on a Musky Joe charter Friday and Saturday on the Rideau River in Kemptville Ontario.

We caught 6 Northern Pike, One tiger musky, One Walleye and had a real nice Musky right on the side of the boat before it broke the hook. In all great trip and had a good time with Musky Joe ! All fish were successfully released after a quick photo! post-144884-0-77829200-1373906995_thumb.jpgpost-144884-0-59889400-1373907026_thumb.jpgpost-144884-0-50815800-1373907053_thumb.jpgpost-144884-0-18238500-1373907071_thumb.jpgpost-144884-0-88689400-1373907088_thumb.jpgpost-144884-0-54052400-1373907014_thumb.jpg

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 I use to go up there quite a bit about  20 years ago. Did pretty well up there. Fished the Kemptville area. Kind of looks to me like that is where you are holding that Tiger. About halfway between the two big bridges & the single before  the river gets narower. Won a trip from Joe & fished the Ottawa river. Went across the TI bridge 2 hrs after Bush bombed Iraq . That was an adventure. He sure likes those big Spoonplugs.

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