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Cleaning salmon

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I was taught how to fillet them as a kid was like ripping the hide off with pliers and then cutting the fillet off (quickest).  We left the pin bones in (3$ fish cleaners). I don't do it this way anymore.  I fillet them like a normal pan fish and then run the knife loosely above the skin.  This will be the least favorite tasting part of the fillet so don't worry about leaving flesh.  Trim the back and belly.  I also flip the fillet over and cut a V-groove down the lateral fat line to remove the darker area.  I never liked the flavor of the fish fat and they claim this is one of the contaminated areas anyways.  You can pull pin bones out of the fish with needle nose, cut them out, or just look for them after it is cooked.  My rule is that if it is just for me, go the quick route.  It taste the same , it just looks less pretty.  I do think the flavor improves with the absence of the fish fat.  I clean this area off all my fish - any species.


If you want to grill, you can leave the skin on for extra protection or substitute foil.


If you have the fore sight to gill let the fish, the meat will cook more cleanly, without the gelatin like stuff oozing up out of the fish surface.  Does it matter is up for debate.  I gill let.  Don't know a good reason not to.


Just try some things - hard to mess it up.  A lot of ways to skin a cat too I'm told.



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An electric will work just fine. All the you tube videos R great familiarizing tools. So can be good illustrations in books. Practice is a real key ingredient if you tend to be ham handed. Remember that some of the videos R of pro's who do this for from 10-20 $s/hr or more depending. And the # 1 thing.....make sure your knife blade is as sharp as possible....cheap steel to Cutcos, Rapalas or grandma's old kitchen knife.... even a pocketknife if that is what is available; they all will get dull with each use. Learn how to keep 'em sharp and U can butcher up anything with skill and ease...with a little practice... :yes:

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