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Kicker throttle control for older 6hp

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I have an older (77) Evinrude 6hp that was hoping to use as a trolling motor. I'm running into a snag bc I was hoping to hook up a controlking or similar unit for the throttle control from the helm. Problem is, control king and pro troll don't make a unit for a 77 motor. Anyone have this problem want to share how they fixed it? I'm low on ideas

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The problem with the 2 stroke is timing must be advanced as the butterfly for the carb is opened.   If you look under the cover, you'll see the plate under the flywheel move when you twist the handle to advance throttle.   That plate contacts the cam follower for the carb.   


Remote throttle controls use servos to open the throttle.   They don't have enough power to move the timing place. 


I believe 4 strokes only need the butterfly opened, just like a law mower.

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