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Regulation Clarification


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Maybe you guys can clarify something for me. I think I have the answer right, but I have been wrong before so I'm a little skittish :)


The wind forecast this weekend looks bleak. My Sodus Pro Am team is me, my son and my wife (if it's calm). Calm is out of the picture I guess so that leaves Me and Justin.  That gets me to my question. Two of us will only be able to possess 6 combined species of brown, steel & salmon. That's ok because it's a 6 fish box tourney for the Am.


It's the bonus lake trout I am questioning. It looks like I can keep 2 per person per regulations In addition to my 6 combined species.

So I would be legal bringing my 6 silvers PLUS 1 bonus lake trout on a two man limit?  Am I reading the regulations correct?






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You are correct per DEC. Totally separate from the silver fish. Don't forget the slot either. For one person its one laker under 25, between 25-30, or over 30" then the second has to be under 25 or over 30". You can't keep two 27" fish per person for example.

I don't know what Sodus ProAm rules will specify as legal however.

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You're also allowed 1 Atlantic >25" per person so the total NYS limits are


3- Chinooks, Cohos, Browns,(>15") or Steelhead(>21") in combination

2- Lakers

1- Atlantic(>25")


6 fish max per person

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