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Please help troubleshoot my kicker!

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I have a 96 mercury 9.9 four stroke kicker. I will be trolling with it and after 10 to 15 minutes it will just stall out on me. I will immediately restart it and it will do the same thing all over again. I was going to start by changing the fuel filter and cleaning the carb. Any suggestions or am I moving in the right direction? Thanks!

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  1. I had a Honda that did almost the same thing . It turned out to be the vent hose on the carb float bowl was kinked and the would not allow proper carb venting . It really sounds like the same problem . Check the vent on your fuel tank ,  try loosening the cap and see if that solves the problem . And check any hoses on carb to see if they are blocked  , maybe a spider made it's home in one . The vent usually goes outside of the housing ,through a hole .

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