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Owasco 7/16

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Started around 7 just north of the boyscout camp in 140-150 and trolled south. Ran 2 riggers pulling spoons 2 dipsies with a dodger white fly out 200 and other out 250 with chartreuse spin doctor and mirage fly 150 copper and a 300 copper. First fish was on 300 copper with a chartreuse and orange evil eye. While reeling that in the riggers down 60 popped with a orange stinger spoon. Both small fish. Got some weeds on one dipsie so as I was clearing that off the other dipsie with the chartreuse sd started pounding then peeling line. Got that in and it was a nice 10 lb laker. Trolled little bit longer with no fish. Brought up the 300 copper to switch spoons put down a black purple and silver spoon. Within 2 minutes that got a hit got it to the boat another decent laker. Ended 9:45 because someone had to go to work that I brought. The pics below are the second and third fish. Sorry for them bein so blurry. Had to take pics of it off my phone. post-150201-13740664361658_thumb.jpg


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