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Sandy 7/16 Fishin Again?

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Did an evening trip with my neighbor and my kid. Did not know what was goin on so we set up a lil west of the creek in 80 fow. Marked bait and fish up high and gave that a go without a shot. We were marking a bunch of Lakers on the bottom so lowered a dipsy with a wonderbread SD and a Silver Fox Kryptonite Fly. Right away fish on and my boy struggled with the fish with not much help and we got a 10 pound range laker in the boat. Set the rig back down and it went off again stealin some drag. Bobby was on the rod and a lil while later a 19.5 pound Laker hits the floor. Nice fish. I switched to a laker program and we beat em up pretty well and went in about 8:15. The lake was beautiful, a great nite to be out. Till next time. Brian

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Thanks for that report Brian.  There must be one helluva school of lakers out there, we couldn't get out of them Sunday evening, riggers at 50-60, dipsies 100, 125, over 90-110 FOW.  We even trolled a little faster at 2.7.  That's okay... my customers weren't complaining at all. 

Hopefully there will be some more silver fish around for Saturday.

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