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Fulton kicker motor mount trailering question

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I have a Fulton(Gaerlick style) kicket mount on my trophy, holding my little 6hp kicker. My question to anyone who has one, or one similar is, can you trailer the boat  with the kicker on it? It seems like a pain in the a$$ to have to remover the motor, gas line, steering, and motor linkage to the main, each day i trailer it, but the last thing id want to happen is have my kicker tear a hole in the transom and have it go flying down 81.


Any input would be appreciated.




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I have been thinking the same thing on my islander 221.. I have a 9.9 on it. It is backed up pretty good but  I think that I am gonna strap it to the boat somehow with a ratchet strap or two

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