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Canandaigua 7/21

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Tried to get out on LO first thing but it was too rough to have any fun so we shot down to the Woodville launch.  Set up as soon as we got into 100' of water and trolled North along the East side.  We turned around at Vine Valley, then went back up and crossed the lake and just worked that southern portion of the lake the whole time.  It was tough to leave the screen we had, but maybe we would have found some hungry fish if we had.


We marked plenty of bait with hooks around them, many random hooks, and some bait with no hooks.  I think it was the most promising screen we've had while fishing this lake.  That being said, we couldn't move a rod all day.  We fished from maybe 8 til 1:30 and never had a release.  I think that's the first time I've ever been skunked out there, usually we pick up and find we've been dragging a small laker or something. 


There were only two of us so we ran a 10 color core pulling a mixed veggie, 2 riggers cheated with free sliders, and a wire.  Riggers at 50 and 70 (and later 90 as some bait was showing up 90-120), wire at 200 then at 120.  We washed a standard size mixed veggie as well as a mini one (not sure what stinger calls these).  We also ran F/F off one rigger and on the wire.  The other rigger we ran 2 spoons.  The spoons we used were NBK, Spook, Wonderbread, King of Sting, Glow Frog, Green Gator, and a Dirty White Boy.  The spin doc's I used were hawg wild, white with green dot, mt dew crush glow, globanero, a mt dew crush glow pro troll, and a white crush glow luhrs 000.  Tried long leads off the ball, short leads, then really long leads, but couldn't get anything to work. 


Flea's weren't bad, grass was tolerable, and it was a beautiful day.  Took a good nap on the bean bag chair, had a delicious sub and didn't get sunburned or chewed up by flies so I guess I can't complain too much.  Well....until I got home and realized that an entire box of Spin Doctors had bounced out of the boat somewhere between Woodville and Mendon along Rt. 64.  I had to drive 4hrs more to where I'm working this week so couldn't make the drive back down to look for it.  I just hope someone that can use them found them and they weren't pulverized into the road all afternoon.  It would be too much to imagine that someone picked them up and I would connect with that person. 



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