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Boat Foam


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Hello.  I have a rivited aluminum boat that formed a couple of cracks on the hull.  I removed all the "insides" of the boat including the foam that is on the inside of the cracks so that I can get it welded.  What I'm not sure about is what foam product to use to replace the foam that I removed.  The old foam was wet, slimy and simply a mess so I'm not going to reuse that foam.  Thanks in advance for the info and advice!


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the pour-in foams will eventually break down and absorb water like a sponge, this takes time, however true closed cell foam like the stuff that you buy as board insulation at home improvement stores will retain their flotation ability for much longer as long as they are not subjected to UV light. Check out my boat rebuild, and feel free to ask questions :)



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I've ripped out enough of the pour-in stuff to never use it again. Extruded (not expanded) Polystyrene never gets waterlogged as it has air bubbles trapped inside and water can't penetrate through it. You'll find it in sheets that are usually Pink or Blue and it cuts really easy if you score it and snap or use a drywall saw.

Here's Lowe's version in Green (sheet was 2"x2'x8'). If you test a scrap piece in a bucket of water it's hard to believe how well it floats.


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I cracked my 17.5' seanymph this year and had the cracks welded

And 60 rivets replace.

Several people suggested that I should not put any flotation  back in.

After some research I decided to use pool noodles.

They do not suck up water and there is 200 pounds of rated flotation per unit.

I put 14 units into the spaces that were filled with wet heavy spray foam.

If I have to remove my flotation again it will be alot easier.

 Good luck with your project .

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