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Heading to the Oak tomorrow.

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Due to weather reports, heading to the oak for late afternoon and early evening fishing, then going out early Thursday morning.  Have not read any recent reports in the past week, just wondering if anyone has some current information.  Thanks!

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Fishing is good anywhere from the 25 line to the 30 line a little east or west.

Thanks Paul.  If we can't get out tomorrow, we will be ready for Thursday morning.  

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Just done starting 15th through 22nd.

485- 565' FOW.

8-16. Conditions for full hookup, one release at boat,

[email protected] 25, 18, 12 Lb. kings. 100-120 down.

2 @ 7-11 Lb coho.

3 @ 3-12 Lb steelhead.

Rigger 100-120 and 45' steelheads

Divers 200-240' @ 2 1/2.

One 300' copper off planer.

Similar Friday. Saturday 1/2 that on water. Nothing out Sunday.

Good luck.

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