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We have fished out of the bluffs the past four days starting anywhere from 1 to 4 pm and fishing till dark ( except yesterday due to waves and no fish) sat we did ok with numbers but nothing over the teens. Sun we started off with a triple header after some boat troubles, and ended with a 22lb and 24 lb king. Mon we caught a lot of small to medium size kings and a handful of steelies. Yesterday we caught one teen king all day. The storm on fri chased away most of the goOd fish and all the good temp. Sat was 52 f on top of the water and most fish caught were down 20-30 ft up until today. We have been looking everywhere for good thermocline and bait and have rarely seen either. We have until sunday off work so we will keep at er hopefully with good news down the line. If we catch anything good ill post pics. Lastly most of our fish have come on flys and meat and the odd one on k.o.s. We have fished anywhere from bluffs to toronto in 80 to 280+ ft.

Good luck

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Thanks for the report. We went out yesterday (Tuesday) and got skunked. We are fishing ash bridges/spit. Found the same thing Saturday water at surface in low 50's. yesterday was high 60's. we have been having good days before the lake turned over- last Tuesday in the evening we got a 25.5 king, a few smaller fish, and a nice 11 bow off a 200 copper and spoon. Same thing most of our fish are coming off of spinnies and flies/meat. Got a nice 29 off a whole herring/flasher. Good luck out there and keep those reports coming!

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