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Well Nuts


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wondering if anyone has used Well Nuts to fasten their downriggers to their gunwale. I have flush mounted rod holders that i use gimbal mounts for my downriggers and some of the mounting bolts are unreachable to hold the nut from slipping. I was wondering if i used a well nut there, if that would supply me enough strength. how strong are these. will these hold up to the abuse of a downrigger gimbal mount????

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I always use a backing plate of heavy aluminum to stiffen the gunwale and distribute the strain over a greater area. There is an issue called "tin canning" where the material whether fibreglass or metal will fail due to too much flexing.

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Dear D.T.

Yes you can use wellnuts! HOWEVER, I hope you are prepared to lose your rigger and what ever is attached to it!! They are not suitable in any fiberglass deck. I have a very good friend who lost a brand new electric rigger, rod, reel, 10# weight etc. in 75 feet of water in front of the Harbor @ Oak Orchard. He then proceeded to use aluminum mtg. plates with backing plates and bedding compund. And so has everyone else since then.

Wellnuts with the rubber donuts in fiberglass are ONLY suitable FOR PENCIL HOLDERS!! Learn from the history, don't make HISTORY!

Respectfully submitted....Jet Boat bill

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