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Long list of Fishing Equipment for Sale/HammerTime

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4 electric Penn Downriggers (400 ea new)

6 Down rigger rods and Penn Reels (100 ea new)

2 Mono dipsey Rods and Reels w/line counters (300)

4 Lead Core Rods and Reels (100 ea)

2 wire dipsey Rods w/ dakota reels (200 ea)

3 copper rods and reels (200 ea)

1 set otter boards (400)

1 Moor Electronics Sub troll 900 unit (500)

1000's of spoons (5 ea)

20 plus dipseys (15 ea)

100 spin doctors and flashers (10ea)

My apologies for the spelling... selling fishing equipment from HammerTime boat. Would love to sell all together at 25% of original value.... but will separate for 35%. There are many extra's in this package deal... too many to list.... literally 1000's of spoons, coolers, equipment boxes, etc  The husband told me to sell them! $11,100.00 plus free extra's for $2775.00 as package! Call (716) 392-9149 

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at them prices it be the same to buy new  i see spin doctor all the time brand new 9.99 dipsey 14.99 otter boards  i have seen for under 200 new  spoons  depends on the size but 5 each is still high for used  just my thought  you might want to price them  to sell  for below what some one could get them for new  and  i would be cautious buying  from someone who just joined and only has one post

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Yeah, that's my take on it, too. The downriggers and rigger rods alone would total the $2700 she wants for everything. However, at 25% of retail, it sounds like a really good deal. Makes me want to buy some stuff for my already overburdened boat  :)


Even at 35%, it's tempting. Good luck selling!!

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Is this a charter business going out of business? Why are the prices just about what you can buy new? 11,000.00 worth of stuff for $2800.00 just rounding it off. Wise man once told me if it sounds to good to be true it usually is?

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1st post on the site? Something's fishy. Pun intended

Me or the seller? I'm usually a pm kinda guy but felt the need to speak up here. Buyer beware here. I've been a member for a long time so not just joining to stir up sh!t.
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