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Seneca 7/26

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Back on Seneca today for some excellent fishing with two great fishermen from the area.  We got set up just South of Sampson and it was fish on.  We had riggers set at 130, 120 , 60, and 56 the deep rigger ran a flasher/ Seneca ghost fly that pounded the lakers, the three other riggers ran spoons that took lakers, salmon, and some great bows.  We also ran 4 dipsy’s out 250, 230, 170, and 160, and some copper and core off the boards.  Everything took fish today and it sure didn’t take long to put twenty fish in the boat.  We had doubles and even a couple triples.  Some big Lakers and Bows including a 30 inch bow that hit the 56 ft rigger and went nuts.  The guys did a great job getting the fish in the boat today and we had a heck of day on the water.  The bait was down 40 to 60 out over 110 fow to 300+ and the fish were stacked up from 50 to 130 ft down.  Top speed was around 2.3 to 2.5 and best down speed was 2.2.  Thermal cline was down 56 to 60 on the north end.





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