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RUFF RIDER Live Report Sodus 7/27-7/28

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Hey Nick and Theresa. Congrats on the nice King.....quite the specimen...


I just now got back from Cape Cod. Unfortunately I didn't take my boat and surf casting for the stripers was out because the high tides were about 2 PM and that's when all the beach goers were there so I couldn't even fish for them. I usually go in August when the high tide is early AM so I guess that's it for this year...I did score some nice jigs while scouring the tackle shops to try for Finger Lakes trout that you can't find around here though so it wasn't a total loss :)


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Awesome video to you both - man, you guys are so relaxed it's unbelievable......


WTG - sorry to hear that it's off the board already - tight lines and stay safe,


- Chris

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